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Apartments near the Chain Bridge: your perfect accommodation in Budapest

Your tour of Eastern Europe could never leave aside the capital of Hungary: themysterious Budapest. With as many attractions and historical points as this city has crossed the Danube, it can be difficult to choose which neighbourhood you want to stay in. We have a recommendation for you! Find an apartment near the unmatched Chain Bridge, the "Széchenyi lánchíd".
If there is an architectural element that symbolizes the union between the ancient city of Buda and the ancient city of Pest, that is the point. Of all the bridges that sew the two halves of the city, this is probably the most emblematic.
The bridge was designed by an English engineer named William Tierney Clark and built by the Scottish Adam Clark in the United Kingdom and sent to Hungary in parts for final assembly on the Danube. It is very special because it was the first permanent bridge built on this river in the whole country: it dates from 1849. However, the bridge that we see is a reconstruction that was made 100 years after the original, since it was destroyed by the Nazi army during its flight after the Siege of Budapest in the Second World War.
On this bridge you can see some of the best views of the city, especially when night falls and the old architectural landmarks of the city, such as Buda Castle, are lit on the backdrop of the Hungarian night.
Apartments near the Chain Bridge - Places to visit near the Chain Bridge

Accommodation near the Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge is located in a really central point of the Hungarian capital; It is its centre, and its heart. Because of this, around it there is the highest concentration of accommodations in the whole city. In the area of the Chain Bridge you can find luxury hotels, cheap hotels, hostels with shared rooms for young backpackers, boarding houses, and bed & breakfasts. However, if you want to be part of Budapest, and get the most out of your experience in this city, we recommend renting an apartment.
We have studios, apartments with fully equipped kitchen, balcony, and much more. In Only-apartments you will find the apartment that best suits your wishes. Fortunately, Budapest is a very economic city and the prices you will see here will be incomparable with other more expensive cities. Take advantage of this, and enjoy a large stay in a furnished and spacious apartment, where you can enjoy the privacy and independence that you will never have in a hotel or hostel. Breakfast at the time you want, avoid having to share common spaces and do not fear for your belongings.

Places to visit near the Chain Bridge

On both sides of the beautiful and historic Chain Bridge you have incredible places to visit. At one end (the side of the old Pest) the bridge leads to Széchenyi Square, where Gresham Palace and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are also located. On the other side (in the ancient Buda), access to Adam Clark Square, next to Kilometer Zero Stone and the funicular of Castle Hill, leading to Buda Castle.

  • Buda Castle. The famous "Budai Vár", the biggest tourist attraction in Budapest, is the historical residence of the Hungarian kings. The style of the construction is Gothic, since it was built in the 14th century, although it had many later modifications, especially during the 18th century. Like the Chain Bridge, the castle suffered extensive damage damaged by the Germans during the Siege of Budapest, so it underwent further modifications during its reconstruction process. Inside the building work the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum
  • Funicular of the Hill of the Castle. From the station that is right at one of the accesses to the Chain Bridge, you can take a cable car that will take you directly to Buda Castle. To travel the short path that separates the bridge from the castle, you should definitely try to take the funicular from the hill. You will be able to see a beautiful panorama at a height of more than 50 meters. This transport was built in 1870 although, like the Chain Bridge, it was destroyed during the Second World War and later rebuilt.
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It is the most prestigious academic society in Hungary. It is located next to the Danube in the centre of the city and is responsible for the development of science, scientific dissemination and support for scientific research. Count István Széchenyi, the same who promoted the construction of the Chain Bridge, was the driving force of this institution, offering its one year's income to finance its creation in 1825. The building that houses it today, in neo-Renaissance style, was inaugurated in 1865.
  • Stone Kilometer Zero. It is a sculpture by the artist Miklós Borsos. It is made of limestone, which forms a large zero. Its height is approximately 3 meters high and was emplaced in 1975. It is named after the fact that the sculpture marks the place where the mileage of all the country's roads begins to be measured.

How to get to the Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge is in a really central point of the city, so it is very easy to reach from different points and in various means of transport.
From the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, which serves the capital of Hungary, you can get to the Basilica of St. Stephen by taking bus 100E towards Deák Ferenc tér M and get off at the last stop. From there, you should walk about ten minutes, take a taxi or bus 16 to the bridge. The trip by bus takes approximately 45 minutes.
From the Budapest-Keleti central train station you can take a taxi that will drop you off at the Chain Bridge in less than ten minutes or take the metro (line M2) towards Déli pályaudvar M and get off at the Deák Ferenc square, from where You can walk ten minutes or take bus 16. The subway ride will take you about fifteen minutes.

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