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Apartments in Cala Ratjada -- Budget Friendly Accommodation

Cala Ratjada is a beautiful resort set to the east of Mallorca . The promenade seems to stretch on for miles alongside the gorgeous golden sands, and leads to a smattering of quiet coves perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. In the busier parts of the beach, there are plenty of water sporting opportunities for the adrenalin-fuelled traveler and, further inland, there's a lively atmosphere to contend with. At night, the resort bursts to life in a flurry of vibrant bars, clubs, and restaurants with a youthful, hedonistic vibe. Most of Cala Ratjada is set around the port, which is built on a charming rocky peninsula, offering up incredible views of the coastline and beyond. Located just 65km from the capital, Palma, it's the perfect place to indulge in a summer holiday. And, to make it even better, our apartments in Cala Ratjada provide a great base from which you can explore everything on offer.

Getting Adventurous in Cala Ratjada

Thanks to its wild and rugged scenery and its expansive coastline, Cala Ratjada offers numerous adrenalin-pumping activities for the more adventurous traveler.

At the seafront, you can hop in a speed boat and explore the nooks and crannies of the coastline from a different perspective. Alternatively, you can try your hand at the numerous water sports on offer, from paragliding and parasailing, to wake boarding, surfing, diving, and snorkeling. The calm waters lend themselves to water based activities.

Away from the sea, you can hop on the back of a horse and take a ride through the beautiful landscapes that surround the resort. Here, you can take in the jutting peaks, and wander around the amazing collection of natural wonders, spotting wildlife and exotic flora along the way. There's also plenty of opportunities for hiking through the national park that surrounds Cala Ratjada, and mountain biking along the tangle of trails that lead through it.

When you've finished your adventurous day, head back to one of our Cala Ratjada apartments to kick back, relax, and refuel for the new adventures that lie ahead.

Charming Coves and Culture - Things to do in Cala Ratjada

  • Cala Agulla Beach -- This surreal looking stretch of shoreline is a firm favourite for tourists thanks to its collection of rocky outcrops and its velvet, hilly views. Here, kids can play in the sand and adults can kick back and relax in a quiet spot away from the crowds.
  • Cala Gat -- Another great beach that boasts incredibly blue waters that are perfect for diving. The underwater world in this part of the island is fascinating, with tons of marine life to discover.
  • Playa de Son Moll -- A rocky beach with a number of jutting rock formations that give it a unique view. The water here is shallow and clear -- ideal for paddling and splashing about in the shallows.
  • Capdepera Lighthouse -- This scenic area is great for walks in the afternoon sunshine. Featuring a unique stone structure and great views over the ocean, it's ideal for soaking up the beautiful scenery of Mallorca.
  • Talaia de Son Jaumell -- A breath-taking nature reserve that takes in dipping valleys and soaring peaks, as well as numerous different wildlife species. Hikers will love the endless supply of crisscrossing trails that weave through the landscape, exposing walkers to stunning views over the surrounding scenery.
  • Sa Torre Cega -- This mansion and gardens are a peaceful place to while away a few hours. The ivy-covered house is a sight for sore eyes, whilst the colourful garden is filled with flora from all over the world.

As well as boasting a collection of charming beaches and coves for every occasion, Cala Ratjada is also home to incredible natural landscapes and some unusual cultural attractions. Our Cala Ratjada apartments are placed right in the centre of it all, so you have easy access to all the landmarks.
Apartments in Cala Ratjada – Cala Ratjada Accommodation

Cala Ratjada Accommodation

Because it's primarily a beach destination, Cala Ratjada accommodation is made up of high-rise hotels that edge the lengthy promenade. Here, you can check into luxury resort hotels with all-inclusive deals, private pools, and tons of events. Otherwise, there are self-catering apartment blocks that offer views over the ocean and spacious apartments dotted throughout the resort that provide a more individual way to explore everything on offer. Further inland, you'll find guesthouses and traditional homestays that offer a taste of local life and, in the fields and natural landscapes that surround Cala Ratjada, there are old farm buildings that have been converted into unusual accommodation options. Whatever kind of accommodation style you go for, rest assured that Cala Ratjada will follow through with the goods -- from great attractions and views, to delicious restaurants and a lively nightlife just waiting to be explored.

Getting to Cala Ratjada from Palma Airport

Getting to Cala Ratjada from Palma Airport is relatively easy and cheap thanks to great transport connections between the two destinations.

Firstly, you can grab the bus from the airport into the centre of Palma which takes about 20 minutes. From there, you can hop on the bus from the central bus station that travels to Cala Ratjada along the coast. This route takes in other seaside resorts along the way and offers some incredible views of the island's scenery.

Alternatively, you can grab one of the many taxis that wait outside the airport terminals. Journeys are affordable, with timings based on your final destination. It's worth agreeing on a price before the journey begins.

Another great way to get from Palma Airport to Cala Ratjada is to hire a car at the airport terminals. This means you can take your own time getting into the resort and can stop off at small villages that are off the beaten path along the way. Having a car during your trip also means you can explore the surrounding scenery on your own terms, and venture outside of the resort to take in some of the beautiful natural landscapes and small, traditional villages that flank it.

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