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Apartment | North Jaffa - Tel-Aviv
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North Jaffa 1 Accommodation

Apartments in Tel-Aviv – Budget Holiday Flats

Tel-Aviv is Israel’s largest city and, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually a very modern, design-led city. Whereas its neighbour Jerusalem is filled to the brim with cultural relics and religious sites, Tel-Aviv is a hotbed of youthful charm and nightlife. Whilst there are still some remnants of traditional Israeli culture in Tel-Aviv, the main reason tourists flock to its vibrant shores is for the party scene and the lively atmosphere. Every day of the week there seems to be something going on, whether it’s a major club night, a concert, or a general street party. The casual lifestyle of the city may surprise some visitors, but its lush, Mediterranean beaches are proving to be hot real estate for many travellers, and its mishmash of neighbourhoods means there’s something new around every twist and turn. Staying in one of our Tel-Aviv apartments is a great way to get to know the city. Whether you choose to hole up near the seafront, along one of the opulent boulevards, or in the winding streets of the Yemenite Quarter, you’re bound to discover a side to Tel-Aviv you didn’t imagine existed.

Tel-Aviv apartments – Tel-Aviv Accommodation

The Outdoor Creative Scene in Tel-Aviv

Tel-Aviv boasts an incredible creative scene, drawing in artistic talent from all over the world. Aside from the plethora of museums dotted around the city, including national museums and private galleries, there is a rich outdoor creative scene that’s free to explore.

Start by soaking up the lively atmosphere at the Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair which takes place every Tuesday and Friday at the pedestrian mall in the city centre. Here, you’ll find a range of stalls and exhibitions showcasing work by more than 200 Israeli craftspeople selling everything from large-scale paintings to textiles and fashionable clothing. There’s also an accompanying cultural scene to go with it, featuring entertainment in the form of street performers, clowns, and musicians.

But if you want to see Tel-Aviv’s creative scene in action you just have to wander the streets. Architecture forms a huge part of the city’s history, and you’ll find a large amount of Bauhaus style buildings dotted around. If you head to HaYarkon Street, you might forget you’re in Israel for a moment when you’re greeted by what looks like a Gaudi building. It was, in fact, designed by Leon Geneva, but is the spitting image of some of Gaudi’s Barcelona masterpieces.

There’s also a heavy dose of street art in Tel-Aviv, with plenty of huge, colourful murals decorating the walls. Israel’s most famous muralist, Rami Meiri, has created a number of pieces throughout the city which are easy to spot.

Tel-Aviv Accommodation

The increased interest in Tel-Aviv from a tourist perspective has meant the city has seen a rise in accommodation options. Throughout the vibrant city, which features a selection of cultural attractions and a lively nightlife, there are plenty of different Tel-Aviv accommodation choices to suit every need. From the high-end hotels that tap into the opulent charm of the city and the trendy hostels that attract a younger, carefree audience, to the spacious apartments and intimate guesthouses that offer an in-depth experience, Tel-Aviv has a little something for everyone.

Parks, Ports, and Promenades - Things to do in Tel-Aviv

Though Tel-Aviv is renowned for its party scene, there are still plenty of cultural attractions to keep you busy until darkness falls. Our collection of apartments in Tel-Aviv are peppered around the city so, wherever you’re staying, you’ll be close to a range of activities and attractions.

Travelling to Tel-Aviv – How to Get into Town

Getting to our Tel-Aviv apartments from the airport is really easy thanks to the efficient and regular public transport systems in the city. Tel-Aviv is serviced by the Ben-Gurion Airport, which is located 22km southwest of the city, and there are a range of options for getting from the airport into town. There are bus and train services that leave from just outside the terminals and take arrivals to various different hotspots throughout the city. You can also hire a car or hop in a taxi straight to your door.

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