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Aparthotel | Saint-Cyprien-Plage - Saint-Cyprien
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Holiday rental in Saint-Cyprien

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Apartments in Saint-Cyprien: Accommodation Close to the Sea

Saint-Cyprien is a beautiful French port on the Mediterranean coast set at the foot of the Pyrénées-Orientales, in the middle of the Roussillon region. Its Mediterranean climate, with hot summer temperatures and mild winters, makes it ideal to visit all year round. Its history and culture are linked to the Catalan territory, which split in the 17th century when the French and Spanish monarchies signed the Treaty of the Pyrenees; part of Catalonia became part of the French territory and the other remained part of Spain. “Cyprianencs” is the name given to its inhabitants and French is the official language.

Saint Cyprien apartments - Places to Go in Saint-Cyprien

Saint-Cyprien began to expand in the ‘70s when visitors searching for untouched beaches began to arrive, turning the city’s accommodation problem into a source of income for the community and municipality. Real estate investors showed up and developed urbanization plans, which then prompted the authorities to draw up public policies ensuring that tourism remained a sustainable activity. Hence the main attraction here are the six kilometers of well-preserved, fine-sand beaches. However, there are many other attractions of equal or more importance for those visiting this port. The friendliness of its people can also be included on this list, along with sunset walks on the coast, going antique shopping to find a unique piece for that forgotten corner of your home and much more that we will mention below.

If you’re a sailing enthusiast, you’ll be sure to find great places at the Saint-Cyprien marina to drop anchor for a few days. For those who don’t own their own sailboat but still enjoy sailing and are looking to explore the sea away from the coast, there are both sailboats and catamarans to rent. If you’ve never sailed before but you’d like to try, sign up for a sailing or catamaran class or go out for a ride on “the navette”, a boat that’s been making trips around the port, lake and marinas since 1983. One of the biggest local attractions is their focus on family-friendly activities, which earned the city the Famille Plus recognition for making tourism a family orientated activity. There are bike tours around the city, bicycle trips through the countryside, water parks, botanical gardens and fun programs, where kids can escape boredom by meeting and playing with other kids. If you are crazy about golf, there are some great golf courses that aren’t overly expensive.

Foodies will be drawn to the local cuisine as well as the excellent Catalan and French wines that you can find in specialty stores at reasonable prices. These are only a few of the many fun plans you’ll be able to make for this summer if you rent one of our Saint-Cyprien apartments. Just check out our catalogue and pick the accommodation that suits you best.

Accommodation in Saint-Cyprien

When you think of fun, the ocean is only a part of what pops up in your imagination. Perhaps that’s why you should take a trip to visit Saint-Cyprien, where you’ll find everything you’re looking for in order to disconnect from the real world for a couple of days. Its white houses, winding streets and the sea-facing Pyrenees are only a small part of its allure. Saint-Cyprien accommodation is varied and you can find a little bit of everything here, including luxurious hotels overlooking the bay. However, the prices can be expensive and you have to also add in the cost of dining out in addition to other various expenses. Tourist rental apartments in prime locations with incredible views are the ideal alternative. Many offer the same luxuries as hotels and are just a few steps away from the beach. Their spaciousness is one of the many advantages, as an entire family can easily stay under one roof and you will also save on restaurants and doing laundry. All apartments come equipped with Wi-Fi, a functioning kitchen, washing machine and dryer. If you’re single and prefer to share your holidays with friends, renting an apartment in Saint-Cyprien is a fool-proof solution for a lively holiday. We also have a selection of cozy studios for those who are traveling alone and are looking for comfortable, more affordable options. If you’re moving around with just a backpack and you’re only looking for a place to sleep, there are centrally located B&Bs that will invite you in. Hurry up and choose from the best selection of rental apartments in Saint-Cyprien and forget about your accommodation problems.

Places to Go in Saint-Cyprien

In addition to all these attractions you can also rent jet skis, go scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, and dance the Sardana in the streets. Our apartments in Saint-Cyprien are spread throughout the city and many are located in the areas mentioned above. Look through our catalogue and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the best selection at unbeatable prices.

How to Get to Saint-Cyprien

The Perpignan-Rivesaltes airport is located 24 kilometers, or about 20 minutes, from Saint-Cyprien. There are no direct buses; however, you can catch the Shuttlebus service to the Perpignan bus station and then get a taxi or another bus to Saint-Cyprien from there. A slightly more expensive option is to catch a taxi from the airport terminal. If you’re considering exploring the area, renting a car at the airport is a practical option if you prefer to travel at your own pace, to anywhere, at any time.

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