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Aparthotel | Perpignan
  • Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Parking
  • Elevator
  • Tv
  • Bath linen
295 m from the centre
Aparthotel | Perpignan
  • Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Elevator
in the centre
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Apartments in Perpignan: Central Accommodation

In the Languedoc region lies the city of Perpignan, the capital of the Pyrénées-Orientales department of southern France and the historic capital of Roussillon. The city belonged to Spain up until the 17th century, when the Spanish and French monarchies signed the Treaty of the Pyrenees. During the Franco era, the city was frequented by Catalan people who made the trip to watch films that were banned in Spain. In 2010, Catalan joined French as the second officially spoken language. Its Mediterranean climate, with cold winters and warm summers, makes it an ideal spot for practicing a variety of sports all year round. The city has a charming mix of Catalan-Moorish architecture coupled with a French aesthetic. The Tet river, with its beautiful gardens and hedges on its banks, crosses Perpignan and gives it a romantic air. When going for a walk you can see many colorful buildings, flower-filled balconies and cobblestone streets, which lead to promenades, plazas and cafes that fill up with visitors and residents in the summer. Commissioned by Juan I of Aragon and built in the 14th century to protect the city against invasions, the Castillet prison and city gate is the symbol of Perpignan. The local cuisine has a strong French influence, especially noticeable when you wander down the alley of restaurants and try the traditional local cuisine, often in the company of an accordionist. There is an interesting selection of bars to choose from where you can taste the local wine. The grapes used to make the sweet wine that accompanies foie-grass or blue cheese are grown at the nearby Banyuls vineyard. The Bermeja Coast is the place where Mattisse, Picasso and Derain found inspiration for their artwork and is located only 25 minutes away. Perpignan has luxurious dining options, great places for diving, fishing ports and excellent hiking trails. Don’t wait any longer, rent one of our apartments in Perpignan, a place where you will always want to return to.

Perpignan apartments – Places to See in Perpignan

Accommodation in Perpignan

Although Perpignan isn’t a big city, it has everything a big city can offer a traveler in order to get the most out of your holidays – clean air, incredible landscapes, rich history, close proximity to the Mediterranean and an ideal climate for visiting at any time of the year. You can also find entertaining activities here such as hiking, culinary outings and diving in nearby coves. Perpignan accommodation is top notch and is tailored for all kinds of travelers. You can find modern, luxurious hotels with pools that have been exquisitely renovated; however, they are on the expensive side and not everyone can afford them. Tourist rental apartments in Perpignan are another trendy alternative because of their price and the type of lifestyle they allow travelers. They offer the same amenities as hotels with the added plus of privacy and the ability to stay with the whole family or group of friends under the same roof at very reasonable prices. The apartments are spacious, well equipped, tastefully designed and come with amenities such as Wi-Fi, a washer and dryer and cooking utensils. They are also spread out all over the city, making it easy for you to choose where you’d like to stay. B&Bs and studios are a great alternative for those traveling light. If you prefer a more natural lifestyle, rural houses close to the city and the sea are an enticing proposal. As you can see, there is an impressive selection of varied accommodation to choose from depending on what best adapts to your budget and taste.

Places to See in Perpignan

  • The Perpignan Market takes place every Saturday morning in the Republic Plaza. It’s frequented by visitors because of the artisanal bread and local products sold at reasonable prices.
  • Beaches Close to Perpignan

    Our Perpignan apartments are located close to all of these places so that you are sure not to miss out on any of the city’s fabulous sites or wonderful beaches. The apartments also provide many other great advantages such as spaciousness, comfort and the best prices on the market.

    How to Get to Perpignan

    The Perpignan airport, Rivesalte, is located 5 kilometers or 10 minutes from the city center. To get here you can take the 7 bus line that leaves seven days a week, every 30 minutes for the city center. A taxi is an alternative if you are carrying a lot of luggage; look for one in front of the arrivals terminal. If you prefer to discover the French Pyrenees at your own pace, then head to the car rental counters in the airport. The area around Perpignan and the Pyrenees in general are great for exploring by car.

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