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Apartments in Girona – Cheap Boutique Rentals

Girona sits in the heart of Catalonia and paints a historic picture. Characterised by ancient houses, spired churches, and ramshackle laneways, it offers a trip down memory lane. It’s surrounded by fortified walls and is home to Catalonia’s best-preserved Jewish quarter, whilst the Rio Onyar flows around the city’s perimeter lined by colourful apartment blocks. Girona hosts a number of museums and quirky little artisan shops, but it’s most well-known for its burgeoning foodie scene. Throughout the city you’ll find a range local, authentic restaurants that serve up some of the best Spanish dishes in the entire country. The cobbled alleyways offer the perfect backdrop for kicking back with a tapas dish or two and a glass of wine. Dive straight into the historic landscape and delicious foodie scene with our apartments in Girona. We have a range of boutique accommodation peppered around the city within walking distance of all the major attractions.

Museums and Medieval Monasteries - Things to do in Girona

Find out more about Girona and its fascinating past by hitting up all of the major attractions. Thanks to the central location of our Girona apartments, you’ll have no problem finding these iconic landmarks and getting to know this fascinating city.

Alternative Ways to Explore the Culture of Girona

Girona is a hive of cultural activities, but there are a range of ways you can really get under the skin of the city, which means exploring some of the more unusual places around town.

Castellers form an important part of Catalan culture, and they adhere to a tradition that has been carried down through numerous generations. Essentially, Castellers are Human Towers, with groups of trained adults and children always striving to climb higher and higher. If you’re looking to explore this further, you can always become a casteller for a day.

Throughout town there are a range of places where you can get to grips with this talented art form and even have a go yourself.

If you want something a little more historical and a little less active, consider exploring an underground air raid shelter. It’s not the most conventional way to discover Girona, but it offers a fascinating insight into the region during the Spanish Civil War, which is when the underground shelter was made.

Gaudi is the most famous architect in Catalonia, but there were a few others that were equally as talented. Raphael Maso is one of these architects who created exceptional Catalan masterpieces during the 20th Century. You can visit Maso’s house in Girona, where you can wander amongst furniture designed by the architect himself and get views of the River Onyar from a different perspective.

Foodies will have a blast in Girona. Ice cream is a hugely popular trend in the city, which is home to a number of top-notch ice cream parlours. Rocambolesc is thought to be the best. Owned by Jordi Roca, it boasts a whole range of fantastical flavours served up in a portable pot so you can eat and explore at the same time.

If you’re more of a beer-loving traveller, then don’t worry! Girona has local breweries coming out of its ears. Check out Moska, one of the more popular breweries, where you can learn about the process and sample some of the delicious local flavours for yourself.

Apartments in Girona – Girona Accommodation

Girona Accommodation

Girona accommodation reflects the medieval, historic vibe of the city, providing plenty of rustic, traditional accommodation options throughout the winding streets of the Jewish quarter and in the more modern parts of the city. From plush hotels that point towards Girona’s growing contemporary scene and lively hostels that offer a raw view of the city, to holiday apartments that overlook cute souvenir shops and the picturesque river, Girona has a little something for everyone. The accommodation here is affordable, too, giving you the chance to explore in style.

Getting to Girona – Public Transport in and Around the City

Girona is really easy to get to, as it’s connected to many of the major hotspots throughout Catalonia. If you’re arriving by air, there are two main options. Girona has its own airport, which is located close to the city centre. You just have to hop on a bus or a train from the terminals to get into town. Alternatively, you can grab a taxi from one of the ranks outside the airport which will take you directly to your door.

Another, more popular option, is getting to Girona from Barcelona Airport. Barcelona is about an hour or so from Girona and offers a quick transfer. From the airport you can hop on a train into Barcelona city centre, where you can hop on a direct train to Girona from the central Sants station.

Once you’re in Girona, you’re unlikely to need to use any public transport. Our Girona apartments are all centrally located, so you’ll be right in the middle of the action. The best way to explore the city is by foot. Everything is close to each other, and you can wander through the maze of medieval alleyways, stopping off here and there at ice cream parlours, coffee shops, and artisan stores.

If you’re looking to explore the beautiful countryside that surrounds Girona, there are plenty of bus services that travel direct from the city to all the major hotspots. They offer fantastic views of the scenery and provide and cheap, easy way to explore Catalonia. There are also a range of train lines that connect Girona to other Catalonia cities and towns, as well as some of the popular beach destinations along the Costa Brava.

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